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Throughout the country, a growing number of states are legalizing and straight-out legalizing marijuana, and on the other hand CBD, an extract of commercial hemp plants, a legal cousin to cannabis, has actually emerged as a reliable treatment for everything from chronic pain to anxiety and sleep disorders.

But regardless of the warming national mindsets toward the hemp plant and all its potential derivatives, CDL holders should approach any type of the substance with extreme care.

Overdrive revisited a column in our Trucking Law series, composed by Dr. Alexander Underwood, in this video to review what drivers require to know about CBD, THC, and keeping their CDLs– the landscape for hemp/cannabis-derived products has actually just gotten more chaotic, and murky in regards to legality, since that column originally aired.A barrage of customer items have actually swept through filling station and truck stops throughout the nation. Recently, smart businesspeople have actually begun offering so-called Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, or focused THC originated from completely legal hemp plants.

These items exploit the federal loophole that deems commercial hemp byproducts legal but plants grown for THC unlawful. While these products remain legal, for now, they too will cause a failed drug test as the Delta-8 and Delta-10 compounds produce the same metabolites as Delta-9, plain-old THC-bearing marijuana, the kind that’s federally illegal.

In the middle of the insanity in the market for cannabis products and the sufficient confusion, an untold number of truckers have had their professions sidelined due to positive drug tests for THC.

From January 6, 2020 to June 1, 2021, 80,098 urine drug tests administered under the obligatory federal program for CDL chauffeurs came back favorable. Over half of those tests discovered cannabis.

The video tracks the legality of various products and mentions the main DOT position on CBD.

Above, find what you require to understand about the crossway of marijuana, CBD, and trucking law. — Video Editor Andrew Guinn contributed to this report

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